Episode 31: Michael Booth

Michael Booth and A World Tour of Fun and Challenge

In episode 31 we speak with Michael Booth, top-ranked SUP athlete and legendary waterman of Australia. Boothy shares his story of growing up near Sydney and finding his passion for all things ocean – surf lifesaving, surfing, paddling, and more — to becoming a top ranked ironman competitor. We hear stories of transitioning from surf ski to SUP and becoming a dominant force on the SUP world tour. Boothy shares a great perspective on traveling the world for paddle races while making time to enjoy the special experiences offered by each destination he visits. We also hear about the variety of conditions faced by athletes on the world tour and a special focus on the Red Bull Heavy Water event.

Thanks for sharing Boothy’s ocean life with us. You can find pictures and video of him on Instagram and Facebook pages. Check out his training and coaching program if you want to get rad in the water.

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