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Episode 25: Leane Horton

Leane Horton and Changing the Tides

In Episode 25 we speak with Leane Horton, an amazing woman who has built an incredibly rich life in the ocean. Leane shares her stories of competitive paddleboarding in Molokai 2 Oahu (5x) and as a member of Team Hawai’i in the ISA World Championships (3x). Leane recounts her tales of buying sailboat Valkyrie with her husband and sailing from Mexico to French Polynesia where she makes repeat trips to explore each year. As a co-founder of the Changing Tides Foundation, Leane also provides perspective on giving back to the locations and people we visit on our travels and empowering women to participate fully in their own ocean lives.

Leane Horton This Ocean Life podcast

Episode 23: Nick Ayers

Nick Ayers and Downwinding Loch Ness

In episode 23 we speak with Nick Ayers, a competitive paddleboarder from the East Coast of Britain. Nick shares his life growing up on the Suffolk coast and surfing, surf livesaving, and paddling in the North Sea. We hear Nick’s stories of paddling the English Channel, competing in the Great Glen Way race where he downwinded Loch Ness in 35 knot wind and icy cold water, and his stoke for being a member of the British national paddleboard team set to compete in China in fall of 2018. Nick provides a great perspective on his ocean life in the rural area of England and his passion for traveling and pursuing waves.

Nick Ayers This Ocean Life Podcast

Episode 22: Grace Van Der Byl

Grace Van Der Byl and Being Better in the Water

In Episode 22 we speak with Grace Van Der Byl, an amazing woman of the water who has built an incredible career around endurance open ocean swimming. Grace shares her stories of finding her passion for long-distance swimming at a young age, competing multiple years in the Tahiti Waterman Challenge, swimming around Manhattan, and tackliing the Catalina Channel at night (sorry sharks, no shadow to see). Grace provides a unique perspective on the mental and physical aspect of competing in these 20+ mile swims and what motherhood means to her and her ocean life.

Grace Van Der Byl This Ocean Life Podcast

Episode 19: Madelon Ruizendaal-Pilaar

Madelon Ruizendaal-Pilaar and The Waters of Holland

In Episode 19 we speak with Madelon Ruizendaal-Pilaar, an ocean woman from Holland who has built both her personal and professional life around the ocean. Madelon shares her stories growing up on the Dutch coast, finding windsurfing, opening a surf shop on the North Sea, and traveling the world in pursuit of surf and wind. We hear her unique perspective on the water culture of Holland and continuing to grow a successful business in the water sports industry while enjoying all things ocean with her family.

Madelon Ruizendaal-Pilaar This Ocean Life Podcast

Episode 18: Alban Cornic

Alban Cornic and the Rugged Brittany Coast

In Episode 18 we speak with Alban Cornic, an ocean man from the rugged Brittany Coast of France. Alban shares stories finding his passion for paddling on the Maliko Coast of Maui and quickly becoming a strong competitior in some of the most challenging paddleboard races in the world such as M2O, Catalina Classic, and Davenport Downwinder. Alban shares his perspective on windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, paddling, and the rugged ocean culture of Brittany and strong sense of community within the world of paddle boarding.

Alban Cornic This Ocean Life Podcast

Episode 17: Troy Nebeker

Troy Nebeker and Going Because You Can

In Episode 17 we speak with Troy Nebeker, a man from the rugged waters of the U.S Pacific Northwest who found peace in paddelboarding during a major life event. Troy shares stories of forming the Monster and Sea non-profit organization and the 24-Hour Paddle Relay to raise funds for families battling cancer. We hear Troy’s stories from the very challenging and awesome 24-Hour paddle event, his attempt at the “Seventy48” (70 miles in 48 hours!), and his great perspective on getting in the ocean and “going because you can”.

Go because you can.

Troy Nebeker This Ocean Life

Episode 16: Jenn Lee

Jenn Lee and Crossing the Molokai Channel 3X on 3 Different Craft

In Episode 16 we speak with Jennifer Lee an amazing woman of the water who accomplished the incredible feat of crossing the 32-mile Molokai Channel solo 3 times on 3 different water craft in 1 year. As a strong SUP and 6-person outrigger canoe competitor Jenn shares her stories of developing skill on the ocean canoe (OC1) and surf ski, working through the challenges of racing across the Molokai Channel 3 times within a short few months, and her humble approach to pushing her own limits of endurance. Jenn’s energy and perspective is amazing and anybody pushing their own limits in the ocean will be inspired.

Jenn Lee This Ocean Life Podcast

Episode 15: Zach Wormhoudt

Zach Wormhoudt and Going Big Because You Love To

In Episode #15 of This Ocean Life podcast we speak with Zach Wormhoudt, a man who has spent multiple decades as a big wave surfer, paddle boarder, and fisherman in the cold waters of Northern California. Zach has surfed in every contest held at Mavericks and shares his experience of surfing that world-famous break and being part of the progression of big wave surfing around the world. Zach also relates on prone paddling, fishing, and pursuing a life in the ocean based on pure enjoyment.

Zach Wormhoudt This Ocean Life Podcast

Episode 9: Lincoln Dews

Lincoln Dews and a Life of Competitive Success

In Episode #9 of This Ocean Life podcast we speak with Lincoln Dews, a lifelong man of the water who grew up on the Gold Coast of Australia loving the ocean and pushing his limits from an early age. Lincoln shares stories growing up in an ocean-focused family, winning a youth state ironman championship, stepping on a SUP for the first time, and completing his first solo Molokai channel crossing at age 15 (!!). Lincoln’s perspective on a life of pursuing new challenges in the ocean from sailing, SUP, prone paddling, foiling, surf lifesaving, and more is really fun and inspirational. Today, as a top professional on the world SUP tour, Lincoln talks about his focus on pursuing a championship, training the next generation of ocean athletes, and continuing to develop his own education.

Lincoln Dews

Episode 7: Morgan Hoesterey

Morgan Hoesterey and a Life of Play in the Ocean

In Episode #7 of This Ocean Life podcast we speak with Morgan Hoesterey, an incredibly strong and talented woman of the ocean who has built an amazing ocean life. Morgan shares stories from her 10 years of competing in the Molokai 2 Oahu paddle board race, competing in the Tahiti Waterman Tour, and pushing herself mentally and physically to be able to play in the water with whomever, wherever, on whatever craft. With stories of friends and adventures from around the world, Morgan gives us a special perspective on life in and under the water.

Morgan Hoesterey