Episode 34: John Brasen

John Brasen and Pacific Longboarder Magazine

In Episode 34 we speak with John Brasen, life-long Australian surfer and 20-year editor of Pacific Longboarder Magazine. John shares with us his harrowing tale of being resuscitated at Sunset Beach in 2018, early stories of growing up on the Gold Coast, and how he suddenly found himself as the editor of a legendary surfing magazine. We hear some great perspective from John on longboarding and running a magazine, with a fun look at where longboarding has moved (and returned) since the 1960’s. John talks about early surf trips to Java, Sumatra, Mentawis in the 1990’s as well as his own evolution in surfing and maintaining heavy stoke in the water.

 Thanks for sharing John’s ocean life with us. You can find pictures and video of John on his Facebook page and Pacific Longboarder Magazine Instagram page and website.

This Ocean Life Podcast Pacific Longboarder Magazine

Episode 33: Collin Boys

Collin Boys and Hush Handboards

In Episode 33 we hear from Collin Boys, a Southern California legend dedicated to the sport of bodysurfing. Collin shares with us his stories of finding his passion for developing the next generation of handboards, a long-time (but not forgotten) tool of bodysurfers world-wide. We hear of Collin’s approach to building his company, Hush Handboards, around this relatively fringe ocean sport while enjoying his own passion for bodysurfing. (Note: This is a near and dear topic for myself, having grown up bodysurfing and recently acquiring a Hush Handboard for my own use :) .

Thanks for sharing Collin’s ocean life with us. You can find pictures and video of Collin on his Instagram page and Hush Handboards website

This Ocean Life Podcast Collin Boys Body Surfing

Episode 32: Jeff Denholm

Jeff Denholm and True Grit

In Episode 32 we speak with Jeff Denholm, an inspiring man of the water who moved beyond the loss of his arm to push himself further than ever in the ocean and life. Jeff shares his story of humble roots in the waters of the US East Coast, finding his passion for raw, heavy ocean off Alaska, and the harrowing tale of losing his arm at sea. We hear of Jeff’s focus on surfing and prone board paddling while developing new prosthetic technology that allow him to continue to push his limits in the ocean. Jeff shares an inspiring perspective on helping to build a more sustainable world through his work with Save The Waves, Patagonia, and his own company developing environmentally friendly flame retardant. 

Thanks for sharing Jeff’s ocean life with us. You can find pictures and video of him on Instagram and Facebook pages. 

This Ocean Life Podcast Jeff Denholm

Episode 31: Michael Booth

Michael Booth and A World Tour of Fun and Challenge

In episode 31 we speak with Michael Booth, top-ranked SUP athlete and legendary waterman of Australia. Boothy shares his story of growing up near Sydney and finding his passion for all things ocean – surf lifesaving, surfing, paddling, and more — to becoming a top ranked ironman competitor. We hear stories of transitioning from surf ski to SUP and becoming a dominant force on the SUP world tour. Boothy shares a great perspective on traveling the world for paddle races while making time to enjoy the special experiences offered by each destination he visits. We also hear about the variety of conditions faced by athletes on the world tour and a special focus on the Red Bull Heavy Water event.

Thanks for sharing Boothy’s ocean life with us. You can find pictures and video of him on Instagram and Facebook pages. Check out his training and coaching program if you want to get rad in the water.

This Ocean Life Podcast Michael Booth SUP Foil

Episode 30: Ryan Levinson

Ryan Levinson and An Adaptive Life in the Water

In Episode 30 we speak with Ryan Levinson, a legend in the water who reached incredible levels of success beyond what most of us would dream about — all while battling Muscular Dystrophy (MD). Ryan shares his story of being diagnosed with MD and the path he set for himself to push beyond any limits in the ocean as member of US Sailing Team, scuba instructor, director of EMS/Rescue for the Big Wave World Tour, kiteboarder, and more. Ryan shares an inspiring and positive perspective on adopting new ocean activities as his MD progressed, continually finding solace and flow in the ocean, and living in the Tahitian waters on his sailboat. I’m humbled to have had Ryan spend time with me and am beyond inspired by him — you will be too.

Thanks for sharing Ryan’s ocean life with us. You can find pictures and video of Ryan on his Facebook page, Instagram page and epic YouTube Channel, Two Afloat.

Please also check out the adaptive sports organizations that Ryan works with:

This Ocean Life Ryan Levinson surf

Episode 27: Josh Riccio

Josh Riccio and Strength on the Water

In episode 27 we speak with Josh Riccio, a life-long man of the water who has carved out a strong professional career in the world of SUP. Josh shares his stories of growing up in the waters of Florida and finding his way to the magic world of Maui where he elevated his ocean game in places like the Maliko Coast and Pailolo Channel. Josh talks about his preparation and commitment for both Molokai 2 Oahu (M2O) and being a contender on the Paddle League World series. Along with great stories of people and places Josh talks about his latest passion for foiling and where that may take him and his amazing ocean game in the future.

Josh Riccio This Ocean Life Podcast

Episode 25: Leane Horton

Leane Horton and Changing the Tides

In Episode 25 we speak with Leane Horton, an amazing woman who has built an incredibly rich life in the ocean. Leane shares her stories of competitive paddleboarding in Molokai 2 Oahu (5x) and as a member of Team Hawai’i in the ISA World Championships (3x). Leane recounts her tales of buying sailboat Valkyrie with her husband and sailing from Mexico to French Polynesia where she makes repeat trips to explore each year. As a co-founder of the Changing Tides Foundation, Leane also provides perspective on giving back to the locations and people we visit on our travels and empowering women to participate fully in their own ocean lives.

Leane Horton This Ocean Life podcast

Episode 24: The Rice Family

The Rice Family and Living on the Sea

In Episode 24 we speak with Sara Rice, mother and wife of the Rice family who sold it all to live life sailing the world on their boat, Catalpa. Sara shares with us what life for a family of four sailing through Indonesia is like day to day as they surf, spearfish, scuba dive, fish, and maintain their home aboard sailboat Catalpa. We hear of empty waves, gracious locals, storms, natural beauty, and raising two children at sea to give us a close perspective on what it’s like to live on the ocean (my own personal dream!).

Sailing Catalpa This Ocean Life Podcast

Episode 23: Nick Ayers

Nick Ayers and Downwinding Loch Ness

In episode 23 we speak with Nick Ayers, a competitive paddleboarder from the East Coast of Britain. Nick shares his life growing up on the Suffolk coast and surfing, surf livesaving, and paddling in the North Sea. We hear Nick’s stories of paddling the English Channel, competing in the Great Glen Way race where he downwinded Loch Ness in 35 knot wind and icy cold water, and his stoke for being a member of the British national paddleboard team set to compete in China in fall of 2018. Nick provides a great perspective on his ocean life in the rural area of England and his passion for traveling and pursuing waves.

Nick Ayers This Ocean Life Podcast

Episode 22: Grace Van Der Byl

Grace Van Der Byl and Being Better in the Water

In Episode 22 we speak with Grace Van Der Byl, an amazing woman of the water who has built an incredible career around endurance open ocean swimming. Grace shares her stories of finding her passion for long-distance swimming at a young age, competing multiple years in the Tahiti Waterman Challenge, swimming around Manhattan, and tackliing the Catalina Channel at night (sorry sharks, no shadow to see). Grace provides a unique perspective on the mental and physical aspect of competing in these 20+ mile swims and what motherhood means to her and her ocean life.

Grace Van Der Byl This Ocean Life Podcast