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This Ocean Life podcast brings stories from people around the world who have based their lives on the ocean. Delivered twice weekly, these interview-style episodes provide a raw perspective from real people living their passion for the ocean. From professional athletes to your neighbor down the street. From paddling and fishing to underwater photography and surfing — plus everything in between. Enjoy.

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Stoked Grom Stories: Riley Auble

Riley Auble – surfing, fishing, travel, board paddling In this episode of Stoked Grom Stories we speak with Riley Auble, a young man enjoying a life growing up in┬áSanta...

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Episode 66: Chris Aguilar

Chris Aguilar – endurance board paddling, ocean videos, helping others In Episode 66 we speak with Chris Aguilar, a man of the water who has built an amazing lifestyle...

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Episode 65: Chris Hearn

Chris Hearn – Master Mariner, disasters at sea television show In podcast Episode 64 we speak with Chris Hearn, a man of the ocean from Newfoundland who is part...

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Episode 64: Mike Lenane

Mike Lenane – Western Oz, SUP instructor, movie maker In Episode 64 we speak with Mike Lenane, a man of Western Australia with strong passion for sharing the world...

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Episode 63: Stefan Simkovics

Stefan Simkovics – Navy officer, rescue swimmer, lifeguard, board paddler In Episode 63 we speak with Stefan Simkovics, a man who found his passion for the ocean after spending...

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Episode 62: Duke Brouwer

Duke Brouwer – 30 years in the surf industry, board paddling, surfing, giving back In Episode 62 we speak with Duke Brouwer, a man who has built an incredible...

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Episode 61: George Peterson

George Peterson – scuba diver, educator, Monterey Bay Aquarium In Episode 61 we speak with George Peterson, a man of the water who has spent almost 2 decades years...

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Episode 60: Tom Wegener

Tom Wegener – surfer, master shaper, surfboard artisan, PhD In Episode 60 we speak with Tom Wegener, a legend in the world of surfboard shaping who has spent the...

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Episode 59: Maddi Leblanc

Maddi Leblanc – Canadian National SUP Team, non-profit founder, inspiring woman of the water In Episode 59 we speak with Maddi Leblanc, an amazing young woman from Ontario, Canada...

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