Episode 66: Chris Aguilar

Chris Aguilar - endurance board paddling, ocean videos, helping others

In Episode 66 we speak with Chris Aguilar, a man of the water who has built an amazing lifestyle of board paddling and documenting the people and events of the sport. Chris takes us through his years filming the Molokai 2 Oahu paddleboard race and shares some of his favorite moments that he’s been a part of. We hear about the evolution of Chris’s video work and his passion for using this medium to tell stories from events like M2O, Carolina Cup, Battle of the Paddle while also pushing his own physical and mental limits competing as a prone paddler in many events. Chris talks about the 10+ Catalina Channel crossings that he’s done as well as his love for the Chattajack Race in Tennessee and shares his perspective on the paddle community and participating in fund raisers for those less fortunate, like the 24 Hour Paddle.

Thanks for sharing Chris’s ocean life with us. You can find Chris’s videos on Vimeo, pictures and video of him on his Instagram page and Facebook

This Ocean Life Podcast Chris Aguilar

Episode 17: Troy Nebeker

Troy Nebeker and Going Because You Can

In Episode 17 we speak with Troy Nebeker, a man from the rugged waters of the U.S Pacific Northwest who found peace in paddelboarding during a major life event. Troy shares stories of forming the Monster and Sea non-profit organization and the 24-Hour Paddle Relay to raise funds for families battling cancer. We hear Troy’s stories from the very challenging and awesome 24-Hour paddle event, his attempt at the “Seventy48” (70 miles in 48 hours!), and his great perspective on getting in the ocean and “going because you can”.

Go because you can.

Troy Nebeker This Ocean Life