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This Ocean Life podcast brings stories from people around the world who have based their lives on the ocean. Delivered twice weekly, these interview-style episodes provide a raw perspective from real people living their passion for the ocean. From professional athletes to your neighbor down the street. From paddling and fishing to underwater photography and surfing — plus everything in between. Enjoy.

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Blog article: The Four Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Your Boat to Mavericks (Part I)

The Four Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Your Boat to Mavericks (Part I) Mavericks needs no introduction. It’s a big, scary wave that requires full attention and respect from...

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Stoked Grom Stories: Bella and Leila

Stoked Grom Stories: Bella and Leia — surfing, diving, fun in the Outer Banks ** Stoked Grom Stories #9 ** Born and raised in the legendary Outer Banks of...

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Blog article: Legends Never Die

Legends Never Die: They Live On Within Us By Mike McDaniel – July 18, 2020 The passing of Big Dave King on July 3rd 2020 came as a gut...

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Episode 123: Dr. Gregory Stone

Dr Gregory Stone — ocean scientist and conservationist, making cleaner energy from the ocean a reality ** Interview episode 123 ** Today, we have Dr Gregory Stone. Career oceanographer,...

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Blog article: Coming Full Circle with Surf Cams

Coming Full Circle with Surf Cams July 9, 2020 When Surfline first introduced surf cameras on their website I was not into it. Not at all. What were they...

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Episode 122: Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson — from US Marine to Northern California freediver and spearo ** Interview episode 122 **  Today we talk with Eric Anderson who checked out of the military...

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Episode 121: Madison Stewart

Madison Stewart — life dedicated to saving sharks, helping fishermen convert to ecotourism **Interview episode 121** Madison Stewart has been focused on sharks since she was 7 years old....

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Blog article: Simplicity of the handline

Simplicity of the handline We all have our fetishes for certain ocean equipment. Some are obsessed with their surfboard, others fixate on spear guns or flip-flops, while some feel...

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Episode 120: Neil Pearlberg

Neil Pearlberg — Off The Lip Radio Show, chronicling Santa Cruz surfing ** Interview episode 120 ** Neil Pearlberg surfs, SUPs, writes and talks on all things skate and...

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