Episode 43: Mark Schulein

Mark Schulein - Endurance Paddling, Ocean of Hope, Giving Back to Others

In Episode 43 we speak with Mark Schulein, a man who has leveraged his passion and skill in multiple paddling sports for the good of others. Mark shares his stories of being involved in the very first days of SUP, competing in 10 Catalina Classic races, dedicating his competitive efforts to charitable causes, all while enjoying life in the ocean. Mark takes us through his amazing effort to build and grow the Ocean of Hope Campaign that has raised over $850,000 for families battling sarcoma cancer and we hear about other charitable paddle events Mark supports including the 24 and Callie’s Cause. Tons of fun and inspiration to enjoy from Mark.

 Thanks for sharing Mark’s ocean life with us. You can find pictures and video of him on Instagram and Facebook pages. Also learn more about how you can get involved with Ocean of Hope Campaign.

This Ocean Life Podcast Mark Schulein