Episode 79: Troy Nebeker – Part II

Troy Nebeker Part 2 -- 24 hours of paddling for cancer

In episode 79 we bring back Troy Nebeker to hear about the 2019 24 Hour Paddle for cancer and the incredible grass roots growth that the event is experiencing. Troy takes us through the fun and challenge that his own Team Seattle faced in this 2019 event, shares some stories from other teams around the nation as they paddle around the clock in their local waters, and discusses the amazing growth within the paddle board community that this organic movement has experienced in the last 5 years. Troy and I talk shop about various aspects of the 24 Hour paddle including the sense of community, commitment, and physical challenges to being in the water in the middle of the night. A lot of great inspiration to do good for others through our own time in the ocean!

Thanks for sharing Troy’s ocean life with us. You can find pictures and video of Troy on his Monster and Sea website and Instagram page.



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