Episode 85: April O’Gorman

April O'Gorman -- competitive surf lifesaving, US National Team, iron woman

In episode 85 I speak with April O’Gorman, a world-class competitor in the sport of surf life saving. April shares her stories of discovering surf life saving competition later in life than most of her peers, finding her competitive strengths, and learning the skills and techniques for success. We hear of her mentors in the sport that have helped April progress from the regional to national then world stage of surf life saving competition, her time in Australia training with legends of the sport, and great stories of competing on the US National Team. April shares her perspective on the community of surf lifesaving competitors, her approach to training and competing in her favorite events such as board paddling and The Iron, a multi-discipline event of board paddling, swimming, running, and surf ski paddling, that April today (Aug 2019) is set to defend her current national title at the upcoming US National event. April shares her enjoyment of providing back to the next generation of groms to help them grow their love of competitive surf lifesaving and find their own success in the sport, and her synergy with Buell Surf and Rescue, a California company pushing the sport forward with innovative new equipment design and grom training camps.


Thanks for sharing April’s ocean life with us. Be sure to check out photos and videos of April on Instagram.

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