Episode 123: Dr. Gregory Stone

Dr Gregory Stone -- ocean scientist and conservationist, making cleaner energy from the ocean a reality

** Interview episode 123 **

Today, we have Dr Gregory Stone. Career oceanographer, conservationist, author of books, and overall expert on the ocean. Dr Stone takes us through his transition from ocean researcher to ocean protector touching on the many roles he’s held within his career culminating into today with Deep Green. We learn about polymetallic nodules and the massive potential these undersea rock formations provide for the key materials of cobalt, manganese, nickel and more that we use to create our electric vehicle batteries. Dr Stone takes us through Deep Green’s mission to extract these nodules from the deep sea as a sustainable and eco-conscious alternative to today’s destructive land-based mining practices. Along the way Dr Stone shares his passion for all things ocean — mammals, sharks, marine reserves and shares his perspective on developing socially responsible and economically viable business models that help protect our natural world. With the continued rise of electric vehicles, which my family has 2 ourselves, today’s conversation with Dr Stone is fun, inspirational, and educational. You can learn more online by going to Deep.Green and finding Dr Greg Stone’s page on Wikipedia
I hope you are well and getting in, on, or under the water, maybe not 6,000 meters deep like Dr Stone here, but getting wet nonetheless — thanks for being here with me and Dr Gregory Stone.
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