Sam Clothier -- hike and spear, seafood foraging, Wet Mammal YouTube

** Interview episode 127 **

Born and bred in the UK, Sam Clothier has found his calling diving and foraging in and around the ocean. From a young age Sam found his deep connection with the water and has been on a path of pursuit ever since. Honing his skllls in the breath hold and spearfishing on the rugged British Coast Sam has experienced waters and fish around the world from Fiji, Southeast Asia, Australia, and more.


With stories of handling sharks in Western Australia to discovering new experiences in his local waters Sam shares a great perspective on sustainably enjoying foods of the ocean that we rarely consider, the challenges of diving alone, and his own personal connection with being in the ocean. To see what Sam is up to go visit his YouTube channel, Wet Mammal, and think about foraging for some new, fresh food straight from the ocean that’s never been on your menu before. Enjoy!
This Ocean Life Podcast Sam Clothier