Episode 7: Morgan Hoesterey

Morgan Hoesterey and a Life of Play in the Ocean In Episode #7 of This Ocean Life podcast we speak with Morgan Hoesterey, an incredibly strong and talented woman of the ocean who has built an amazing ocean life. Morgan shares stories from her 10 years of competing in the Molokai 2 Oahu paddle board race,...

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Episode 8: David Ochoa

David Ochoa and Being in the Pursuit In Episode #8 of This Ocean Life podcast we speak with David Ochoa, accomplished spearfisherman and co-creator of the amazing film, Aqua Negra. David shares his stories of growing up in Portugal and learning to spearfish in the Azores while pursuing a university degree in film making. We...

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Episode 9: Lincoln Dews

Lincoln Dews and a Life of Competitive Success In Episode #9 of This Ocean Life podcast we speak with Lincoln Dews, a lifelong man of the water who grew up on the Gold Coast of Australia loving the ocean and pushing his limits from an early age. Lincoln shares stories growing up in an ocean-focused family, winning a youth...

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Episode 10: Ulu Boi

Ulu Boi and Giving Back In Episode #10 of This Ocean Life podcast we speak with Ulu Boi, a humble and gracious professional surfer from Hawaii. Ulu shares his stories growing up on the Big Island and finding his passion for waves, community, and helping others. We hear about his ongoing work with the Mauli Ola Fondation and helping children...

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Episode 11: James Marko

James Marko and Goliath Groupers In Episode #11 of This Ocean Life podcast we speak with Captain James Marko, a charter fishing captain in the southern waters of Florida. James specializes in one of the most massive fish in the world, the Goliath Grouper, that can weigh in at over 500 pounds and shares his stories catching...

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Episode 12: Jonathan Cowen

Jonathan Cowen and Paddling Alone in Tasmania In Episode #12 of This Ocean Life podcast we speak with Jonathan Cowen, a dedicated surfer and paddle boarder who lives a life of ocean isolation in the wild land of Tasmania where there are very few people in the water (and only 2 known prone paddlers!). Jonathan shares stories about finding...

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