Episode 13: Steiny

Jonathan Steinberg and Style for the Ages In Episode #13 of This Ocean Life podcast we speak with Jonathan Steinberg, aka Steiny, a man of the surfmat who has kept his ocean life real since the 1960’s growing up in Southern California. Steiny shares his perspective on enjoying life riding waves and sharing his ocean experience with...

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Episode 14: Shrek

Shrek and the Noob Spearo In Episode #14 of This Ocean Life podcast we speak with Isaac Daly, aka Shrek, a man of the spear who has found a passion for hunting fish and sharing knowledge to help others be more safe and effective spearfishing. Shrek shares his story growing up in New Zealand waters, moving from scuba to freediving, and...

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Episode 15: Zach Wormhoudt

Zach Wormhoudt and Going Big Because You Love To In Episode #15 of This Ocean Life podcast we speak with Zach Wormhoudt, a man who has spent multiple decades as a big wave surfer, paddle boarder, and fisherman in the cold waters of Northern California. Zach has surfed in every contest held at Mavericks and shares his experience...

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Episode 16: Jenn Lee

Jenn Lee and Crossing the Molokai Channel 3X on 3 Different Craft In Episode 16 we speak with Jennifer Lee an amazing woman of the water who accomplished the incredible feat of crossing the 32-mile Molokai Channel solo 3 times on 3 different water craft in 1 year. As a strong SUP and 6-person outrigger...

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Episode 17: Troy Nebeker

Troy Nebeker and Going Because You Can In Episode 17 we speak with Troy Nebeker, a man from the rugged waters of the U.S Pacific Northwest who found peace in paddelboarding during a major life event. Troy shares stories of forming the Monster and Sea non-profit organization and the 24-Hour Paddle Relay to raise funds...

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Episode 18: Alban Cornic

Alban Cornic and the Rugged Brittany Coast In Episode 18 we speak with Alban Cornic, an ocean man from the rugged Brittany Coast of France. Alban shares stories finding his passion for paddling on the Maliko Coast of Maui and quickly becoming a strong competitior in some of the most challenging paddleboard races in the...

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