Josh Pederson, This Ocean Life Podcast Host

Josh Pederson, This Ocean Life Podcast host

This Ocean Life Podcast Josh Pederson Molokai 2 Oahu 2011

Board Paddling

3x Monterey Bay crossings.

2x Molokai 2 Oahu race finisher.

Countless Davenport to Santa Cruz cold and sharky downwinders, Jay Races, etc.

Team Santa Cruz leader for the 24 Hour Cancer Paddle relay ($25K+ raised for 3 families)

Downwind SUP foil (kinda).

SUP cruising for fun (or to reach a dive/fish site)

This Ocean Life Podcast Josh Pederson


Grew up surfing on the Westside of Santa Cruz, CA

Steamer Lane, Cowells, Scott Creek, usual Santa Cruz fare with a 3-month stint in Costa Rica and some Hawai’i mixed in.

Surf everything from waterlogged tree trunks to 9’8 guns and your everyday shapes. Kinda love anything with a rounded nose for some reason.

I’ll throw bodysurfing in here as well — absolute lover of whomping. Makena Beach, Sandy Beach, It Beach — anywhere you think the next wave could be the one that snaps your collarbone.

Surf foiling on the SUP and prone board.

This Ocean Life Podcast Josh Pederson spearfishing

Freediving and Pursuing Fish

Hunt Northern California reefs and sand channels for lingcod, rockfish, halibut, and cabezon on a breath. Do the same with rod and reel.

Have hunted yellowtail, white seabass, and bluefin tuna on a breath but as you can see there are no pictures of me with those fish here 🙂

Almost got ran over by two boats in 45 mins with legends Luke Adolfson and Bobby Twitchell diving offshore Kaanapali, Maui.

Have 5 spear guns, 2 polespears, 3 diving suits, 5+ rods, and all the gear to go with putting fish on the table (sometimes not sure why I need all of that).

Completed Immersion Freediving Training (highly recommend it) and reached a 4:03 static breath hold.

This Ocean Life Podcast Kelp Forest

Science and Conservation

Full-on kelp hugger and advocate of all things ocean-protection.

Have a B.S degree in Fisheries Biology from U.C Davis.

NOAA Divemaster and AAUS scientific diver certified.

Worked with Monterey Bay Aquarium and NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuaries in public outreach and kelp forest monitoring (best job of my life).

Dream of communing with whale sharks and manta rays before I get too old (who wants to go!?)

This Ocean Life Podcast Katy Lu catamaran


Obsessed with boats of all shapes and sizes.

Crewed on 65′ NOAA-boat RV Fulmar for a few years while research diving along Central California.

Past owner of Maria May a Parker 2120 (she was my 4th child).

Boat support to Titans of Mavericks contest and Chasing Mavericks movie filming (thanks Wormie!)

ASA bareboat certified and now chartering sail catamarans to find new adventures.

This Ocean Life Podcast Pederson Maui


Devoted husband of 20 years and proud father to 3 legendary groms.

Kind of a writer and sort of a podcaster.

Blessed to have friends around the world that I’ve met from paddle races and podcasting. Even more blessed to have a wonderful community around myself and family in Santa Cruz.

Founding member of Ghostryders Watermen Club (GRWC), ambassador for Shearwater Paddleboards, and member of Santa Cruz Jr Lifeguard Boosters Club.