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Ocean Art and Photography Podcast Stories

Inspiration from our ocean world can be expressed in many artistic forms. Whether photographing, drawing, or painting animals and underwater scenes the people who re-create the ocean world have amazing stories from their time spent pursuing their art.  

Episode 128: CJ Hobgood

CJ Hobgood — professional surfing, movie making, family, life evolution I’m really excited to share with you all a figure in modern surfing that continues to evolve and expand his influence in the surf industry, Mr CJ Hobgood. You hear his name, and you may automatically identify CJ with an amazing professional surfing career where...

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Episode 127: Sam Clothier

Sam Clothier — hike and spear, seafood foraging, Wet Mammal YouTube ** Interview episode 127 ** Born and bred in the UK, Sam Clothier has found his calling diving and foraging in and around the ocean. From a young age Sam found his deep connection with the water and has been on a path of...

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Episode 126: Vicky Durand

Vicky Durand — Wave Woman the book, Waikiki surfing in the 1950s ** Interview episode 126 ** In this episode Vicky Durand takes us through the colorful life of her mother, Betty, charging waves in the 1950’s. From stories she’s captured in her recent book, Wave Woman, Vicky tells the story of her mother finding...

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Episode 120: Neil Pearlberg

Neil Pearlberg — Off The Lip Radio Show, chronicling Santa Cruz surfing ** Interview episode 120 ** Neil Pearlberg surfs, SUPs, writes and talks on all things skate and surf. As co-host of Off The Lip Radio Show Neil has been documenting the colorful surfing and skateboard lifestyle of Santa Cruz for over a decade....

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Episode 116: Francesca Trotman

Francesca Trotman — protecting waters and wildlife of Mozambique, alternatives to shark finning ** Interview episode 116 ** Francesca Trotman has dedicated her life to preserving the marine life of Mozambique. As a British scholar and marine biologist, Francesca formed a deep connection to the ocean animals in this part of Africa during her university...

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Episode 112: Shannon Quirk

Shannon Quirk — big wave world tour, empowering women in the water ** Interview Episode 112 ** From professional snowboarding to organizing big wave surfing events, Shannon Quirk has been part of the action sports world for over a decade. As a reporter and coordinator with the WSL Big Wave Tour Shannon has developed a close...

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