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This Ocean Life podcast brings stories from people around the world who have based their lives on the ocean. Delivered twice weekly, these interview-style episodes provide a raw perspective from real people living their passion for the ocean. From professional athletes to your neighbor down the street. From paddling and fishing to underwater photography and surfing — plus everything in between. Enjoy.

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Episode 113: Greg Norman, Jr

Greg Norman Jr — kiting, surfing, spearfishing, world travel ** Interview Episode 113 ** With a family name synonymous with the sport of golf, Greg Norman Jr has carved...

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Stoked Grom Stories: Cooper Sisters

Stoked Grom Stories: Cooper Sisters — sailing South Pacific, surfing, diving, life afloat ** Stoked Grom Stories Episode 7 ** Growing up in my hometown of Santa Cruz, CA,...

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Episode 114: Sam Hart

Sam Hart — ocean paddling, Coolangatta Gold and M2O competitor ** Interview episode 114 ** Sam Hart is a man of the paddle. With deep experience in surf ski...

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Episode 112: Shannon Quirk

Shannon Quirk — big wave world tour, empowering women in the water ** Interview Episode 112 ** From professional snowboarding to organizing big wave surfing events, Shannon Quirk has been...

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Episode 111: Chris Fuentes

Chris Fuentes — a better insect repellant, spread of insect-borne diseases ** Interview Episode #111 ** Chris Fuentes knows first hand about the growing spread of insect-born diseases associated...

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Episode 110: K.C. Scott

K.C. Scott — fishing, diving, spearfishing, art ** Interview episode 110 ** K.C. Scott has based his life off of two core natural abilities revolving around the ocean. The...

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Episode 109: Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey — blending art and science of the ocean, spokesman of marine life ** Interview episode 109 ** Raised in the waters of Jamaica, educated in England, from...

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Episode 108: SV Delos

SV Delos — 10 years of sailing adventures, 45 countries ** Interview episode 108 ** Sailing Vessel Delos is a 53 foot boat that has journeyed over 70,000 nautical miles,...

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Episode 104: Lin Pardey

Lin Pardey – 200k miles of sailing, dual circumnavigations, book author In her early 20’s, Lin Pardey found her calling to live a sailing life at sea. 50 years...

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