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This Ocean Life podcast brings stories from people around the world who have based their lives on the ocean. Delivered twice weekly, these interview-style episodes provide a raw perspective from real people living their passion for the ocean. From professional athletes to your neighbor down the street. From paddling and fishing to underwater photography and surfing — plus everything in between. Enjoy.

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Episode 122: Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson — from US Marine to Northern California freediver and spearo ** Interview episode 122 **  Today we talk with Eric Anderson who checked out of the military...

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Episode 121: Madison Stewart

Madison Stewart — life dedicated to saving sharks, helping fishermen convert to ecotourism **Interview episode 121** Madison Stewart has been focused on sharks since she was 7 years old....

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Blog article: Simplicity of the handline

Simplicity of the handline We all have our fetishes for certain ocean equipment. Some are obsessed with their surfboard, others fixate on spear guns or flip-flops, while some feel...

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Episode 120: Neil Pearlberg

Neil Pearlberg — Off The Lip Radio Show, chronicling Santa Cruz surfing ** Interview episode 120 ** Neil Pearlberg surfs, SUPs, writes and talks on all things skate and...

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Episode 119: Kara Muzia

Kara Muzia — So You Want to Be a Marine Biologist podcast, protecting sea turtles of South Florida ** Episode 119 ** In the waters of South Florida, marine...

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Stoked Grom Stories: Max Hart

Stoked Grom Stories: Max Hart — shredding guitar and waves, spearfishing, fishing ** Stoked Grom Stories #8 ** Max Hart is a 12-year old legend-in-the-making from Sydney’s Gold Coast....

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Episode 118: Envoy: Cull The Movie

Envoy:Cull — documentary film on Australia and 83 years of shark killing ** Interview Episode 118 **  For over 80 years the Australian Government has supported the killing of...

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Episode 117: Sailing Wildside

Sailing Wildside — kiteboard adventure trips, Caribbean, Greece, life afloat ** Interview episode 117 ** Today we hear the rad story of two people coming together and building a...

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Episode 116: Francesca Trotman

Francesca Trotman — protecting waters and wildlife of Mozambique, alternatives to shark finning ** Interview episode 116 ** Francesca Trotman has dedicated her life to preserving the marine life...

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