Episode 92: Pat Shaughnessy

Pat Shaughnessy -- Mavericks competitor, prone paddle athlete

In episode 92 I speak with a good friend and legend, Pat Shaughnessy, a world class big wave surfer and prone board paddler. Pat takes us through the past few years of focusing his summers on lifeguarding at Santa Cruz beaches and competing in both the Catalina Classic and Molokai 2 Oahu paddle board races with stories of dealing with the physical and mental challenges of these long distance events. Pat takes us through the evolution of his surfing from competitive shortboarding in his early teens to following his sister, Savannah, to Mavericks for his first big wave introduction. We hear of Pat taking a cautious first few years at Mavericks before things clicking for him and finding his true love for big wave surfing and being invited to compete in the 3 recent Mavericks contests. Pat talks about his crew in the line-up, continued inspiration from his sister in big waves, no-leash days at Puerto Escondido, and spending time to help the next generation find their stoke for big waves.


Thanks for sharing Pat’s ocean life with us. Be sure to check out photos and videos of Pat on Instagram. Top photo credit: Ryan Craig / @chachfile

This Ocean Life Podcast Pat Shaughnessy

Episode 43: Mark Schulein

Mark Schulein - Endurance Paddling, Ocean of Hope, Giving Back to Others

In Episode 43 we speak with Mark Schulein, a man who has leveraged his passion and skill in multiple paddling sports for the good of others. Mark shares his stories of being involved in the very first days of SUP, competing in 10 Catalina Classic races, dedicating his competitive efforts to charitable causes, all while enjoying life in the ocean. Mark takes us through his amazing effort to build and grow the Ocean of Hope Campaign that has raised over $850,000 for families battling sarcoma cancer and we hear about other charitable paddle events Mark supports including the 24 and Callie’s Cause. Tons of fun and inspiration to enjoy from Mark.

 Thanks for sharing Mark’s ocean life with us. You can find pictures and video of him on Instagram and Facebook pages. Also learn more about how you can get involved with Ocean of Hope Campaign.

This Ocean Life Podcast Mark Schulein

Episode 40: Aimee Spector

Aimee Spector - Cuba to Florida Paddle, Mother, Woman of the Water

In Episode 40 we speak with Aimee Spector, a legendary woman of the water who excels strongly in multiple paddle sports while raising her son and giving back through the Ocean of Hope Campaign. Aimee takes us through her passion for the ocean canoe where she has completed 20+ Catalina Channel crossings, her stories of prone board paddling with 2 other women from Cuba to Florida to raise money for charity, as well as many great insights into her world of competitive paddling. Aimee shares a great perspective on the community of woman paddlers who she derives inspiration from and her overall passion for the people, places, and challenges that the ocean has brought her.

Thanks for sharing Aimee’s ocean life with us. You can find pictures and video of Aimee on her Instagram page, Facebook, her own website, and Ocean of Hope website.

This Ocean Life Podcast Aimee Spector

Episode 22: Grace Van Der Byl

Grace Van Der Byl and Being Better in the Water

In Episode 22 we speak with Grace Van Der Byl, an amazing woman of the water who has built an incredible career around endurance open ocean swimming. Grace shares her stories of finding her passion for long-distance swimming at a young age, competing multiple years in the Tahiti Waterman Challenge, swimming around Manhattan, and tackliing the Catalina Channel at night (sorry sharks, no shadow to see). Grace provides a unique perspective on the mental and physical aspect of competing in these 20+ mile swims and what motherhood means to her and her ocean life.

Grace Van Der Byl This Ocean Life Podcast

Episode 3: Steve Shlens

Steve Shlens and 30 Years of Paddle Board Racing

In this episode we talk with the prolific surfer and prone paddle boarder, Steve Shlens. Steve went from a broken back to winning the 32-mile Catalina Classic 1-year later. Steve has a crazily colorful and successful paddling career including national championship wins as a Jr LIfeguard in the 1980s, wins at Molokai 2 Oahu and Catalina Classic events, and onto a 2015 international win with the United States ISA Team which he now COACHES. After 4 years away from surfing, Steve’s first wave back was at Teahupoo, before Teahupoo was a household name. Steve takes us through his amazing ocean life and shares some great thoughts on the mental aspect of endurance sports and leveraging challenges in day to day life to push us beyond our limits in the ocean.