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Josh Pederson


When you’re a kid you don’t recognize that you have a passion for something. You show up and enjoy whatever it is you like to do, whenever you get the chance to do it. Some things you like more than others. Some things you lie awake in bed thinking about. The ocean was the thing that I laid awake at night thinking of.

As a young kid I would imagine coral reefs and swimming with whales. I would think about cruising through chains of islands on a boat, finding deserted beaches, and scuba diving everywhere as some kind of marine biologist. I loved the TV show “Flipper”.

Once I started riding waves I added crystal clear barrels to my ocean fantasies and even allowed friends into my dream world (nobody likes to surf alone).

When fishing landed on my list of ocean obsessions so were dreams added of hauling on huge fish in then unreachable places like Tahiti and Alaska. With time, new fantasies of scuba diving evolved into hunting big fish in kelp beds or open water while holding my breath.

These fantasies were stories in my mind that I used to expand my ocean life when I wasn’t actually in the water doing those things. Always changing. Always different than the last. Always so much fun.

I am fortunate to have a life in Santa Cruz, California where I’ve lived some form of these stories as reality. I’ve done all of those activities in some fashion around the world over the last 4 decades and feel like I’ve only scratched the surface (pun intended) of what my ocean life really could be. I know for a fact that there is so much in the ocean that I haven’t yet experienced, and the reality is that I just won’t have time to do it all in this life. That’s just how it is.

For all of us.

But what if we could offset that unfortunate reality by taking a piece of each other’s experiences? What if we can somehow get that new sense of wonder and challenge we feel in the ocean through stories from others? If we could, we’d have a shot at living the full ocean life that we all desire. There’s no substitute for the real thing but I’m willing to experiment and see how close we can actually get.

So this is what I bring to you all who listen to This Ocean Life podcast. Stories.

Stories from around the world. Stories from places in the ocean that we may or may not ever get to feel. Stories from activities in or under the water that we may or may not ever get to do. Stories from authentic people who we each can expand, or inspire, our ocean lives from.

I can’t do it without you — guest or audience — since we’re really sharing one big ocean life together. I truly thank you for joining me and my sincerest hope is that the stories we share provide some meaning and value to all of our ocean lives.

And we don’t even need a board or a boat, just head phones and MP3 player 🙂


(Oh yeah… my latest ocean fantasy is getting absolutely barreled on the supsquatch with my kids)