This Ocean Life Podcast Sponsor Interest Form

This Ocean Life Sponsor Request Form

This Ocean Life Podcast is a top ocean-lifestyle podcast and one of the first podcasts to focus on the stories of people around the world who have based their lives on the ocean. It is listened in over 50 countries worldwide with the largest audiences in the USA and Australia. It is the first ocean-related podcast of it’s kind to pass 100 thousand downloads and will soon cross 200 thousand downloads.

The audience, roughly 60% male and 40% female, is well-educated, ocean-savvy, and action-oriented. Their age ranges from 17 to 70 years old with the majority between 22 – 45 years old.

How well does the advertising work? Typically a new episode will be downloaded over 1,000 times within the first 3 weeks of launch, giving advertisers immediate and intimate exposure to a group of progressive individuals looking to support ocean-minded products and services. The number of listens to your advertisement will continue to grow over time as the podcast sees continual strong growth of new subscribers who go back and listen through the entire catalog over time (your advertisement will be heard repeatedly for years to come).

Per-episode sponsorship is currently $35, and we ask for a minimum of 4 episodes to start. Providing a discount code that we share in the podcast helps incentive listeners to visit your website and provides a strong method to track visitors and purchases that originated from the podcast advertisement.

Thank you for your interest, and, please, serious inquiries only. This means you should be open to doing a test spend of $140+ before filling out the below form. The rate is $35 per episode and that pricing is expected to go up over time.

We check the sponsor form frequently, so please be patient and understand that not all sponsor inquiries are a match. If we are a match and we have inventory, we’ll certainly reach out.